Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sonic Disappointment

I received $35 in giftcards to Sonic and spent about $15 the other night and was not disappointed. Tonight I decided to use up the balance so I drove to a different Sonic and ordered our meal. At 7pm on a Sunday night the wait was really long. The drive home was about 10 minutes so I was really disappointed when I grabbed one of my son's tater tots and it was cold. I was hoping my tots were warm. No such luck. I ordered the 4 piece strip dinner and the strips were cold as well. One of the 4 strips was about 1/2 size as well. The last kicker was the tomato on my wife's sandwich. I checked the receipt and it says, - tomato.

I checked the receipt for that usualy offer to go online and tell em what you think. No such luck. I even went online to look for a customer service line and there isn't a link. The only thing I could do is call.

As I waited on my food I could see the "quality" and "customer satisfaction" board. All 100%. I think I should call, but is it worth the hassle? The biggest disappointment is since I'm on Weight Watchers all foods have point values and I wasted valuable points on this substandard food.

Guess the only business Sonic will get from me for a long while is the 1/2 drinks. Truth said, I really don't care for the food they serve so it is no great loss. I'll get my chicken strips from Chicken Express or Scotty P's from now on. They're made fresh to order. Not the precook and then fried kind.

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