Saturday, March 29, 2008


For a while now when I search for something on Yahoo or Google my search gets hijacked once I click on an intended website. For example, tonight I was going to research the demongraphic of buyers who've bought Pontiac G6s. When the Yahoo page comes up I click on one of the offerings and as I am going to that sight my computer gets hijacked. I ended up on, a car buying and car selling website. Same thing happened when I typed in Major League Baseball. I go to click on and then I'm switched to a site that sells baseball equipment.

How do I fix this or get rid of this issue? I've attempted to download Mozilla or Firefox, but kept getting hijacked. I'm currently trying to download We shall see.

Long tiring day. One tough hour long work out followed up with about 3 hours of yardwork for a friend. I'm sore and stiff already. Should sleep well tonight.

By the way, I posted on my site tonight.

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