Monday, March 10, 2008

Indecisiveness and Appreciation.....

I don't know whether to say my appreciation first or talk about my indecisiveness? Oh well.

We were car shopping with the kids Friday night and wanted to go back Saturday to try to finalize a deal and really didn't want to chase the kids around for another 3 hours. I called my good friend B and hinted at being able to leave the kids with him and his wife. He graciously agreed. I just want to say how nice it is to have such a friendship like this that allowed me to first impose, and second for him to accept. More often than not I fail to ask others for help for fear of being a burden on someone else. Since we don't have grandparents around it has gotten costly just to go out or hire someone to keep the kids while we do something like visit my heart doctor. I just appreciate what B did for me and hope my kids don't get strep since they were at his house for 3 hours Saturday.

I don't really do well when given choices. Even when it comes to picking out a type of tortilla chip for our dinner Sunday night I struggled. My cheapness, or frugality, often makes decisions for me, but Sunday night I wanted a good chip to go with our chicken nachos. I held up 2 bags and let my son pick.

2 Thursdays in a row I was offered FREE tickets to local pro sporting events. The first was 4 FREE hockey tickets to see the Dallas Stars. My wife would ask, "What do you want to do?" And I would say, "It doesn't matter, I'm indifferent." We finally went and enjoyed it. This Thursday a friend asked me to go see the Dallas Mavericks and it took my 5 minutes and a "let me talk to my wife and call you back" before I finally decided to go. One thing my wife said and it has stuck, "You'd talk yourself out of winning $1 Million. And it is practically true. I'd do much better back when Henry Ford gave his customers ONE color to pick from...BLACK.

A few of my nicknames that I was given during my Emotional Wellness training a few weeks ago was: Chose Not to Participate, Path of Least Resistance, Non-Confrontational. I don't have much emotional baggage, but I do probably rob myself of some joy by sitting out at times when I could participate and have fun. Imagine the process my brain has gone through since we started thinking about cars back in December.

I am so glad we got the car we did! No looking back!

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