Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Brand New Car

We finally did it. If you think about something long enough and want it enough, it happens. Yesterday I received an email from a local dealer advertising 0% financing for 72 months. I saw the same ad as I drove by the dealership on my way to school. I convinced my wife to go and look at the Pontiac G6 last night. We took the kids and they did great compared to previous shopping experiences.

We drove a middle of the line V6 G6 and were quoted a few payments. We had decided not to do anything last night so we were ready to head out. I qualify for the GM employee discount since my dad retired from there. We were able to get a price of $17,500 on a car that listed at $22,000. Basically about $1000 less than someone who might come off the street without the discount. I was told we couldn't get the 0% with the GM discount.(OF COURSE)

The 2nd manager showed us the top model V6 GT that listed for an additional $5000, but he could sell it for only $1400 more than the middle model. We really liked this car. It was a car that they displayed at National Dealers Autoshows. It has everything except a sunroof. We went back this morning to look at it again and brought the title to the Neon.

They gave us an up front decent price on our Neon. The finance manager dropped the finance rate from 6.99% to 5.5% so he could put in a bumper to bumper 100,000 warranty and our payment just went up $8. Imagine how much our payment could have gone down had they given us the 5.5% up front. I guess he played the shell game with money that gave us a good deal and made a bit more for the dealership.

That said, 2008 Pontiac GT V6, Silver, Leather, anti-lock brakes, traction control, automatic with a stick shift option, 18 inch rims, tires filled with Nitrogen, heated seats, On Star(1 year), XM radio(3 months) and so on. And we didn't lease it so we can put miles on it driving to St. Louis. Can't do that with my truck anymore.

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