Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clean Shaven

Went to a place called Roosters to get my hair cut today. I had received a coupon in the mail and of course I was going to cash in on it. The first coupon I used in January was a for a free cut for my son. That was my first trip to this place. Like SportClips this place is geared towards men. They actually will serve you complimentary beer while you are there. Unlike SportClips this place has a decent standard for who they hire.

Today my coupon was for a free shave with a cut. My appointment was for 11am and I walked out 1 hour later feeling like I had cheated on my wife. The hair cut was typical. I then received a wash and a rinse followed with a conditioner and a rinse. Next was a gentle neck massage. My "barber" was indeed female and she was licensed to give straight razor shaves. This was a first for me. She did use a disposable razor on the neck and for trimming. She then gave me a neck and face massage as she put on skin conditioner. The event ended with a nice cold towel that would close up the pores.

What an experience. I felt guilty because my wife loves face and neck massage treatment. Not sure a shave would work for her though.

Other than that I went to see Vantage Point and it has rained all day. Some areas around here have already gotten 7 inches of rain and the creeks are overflowing.

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