Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ink Refill

I am a VERY last minute type of person and when we run out of ink I'm no different. About 2 weeks ago our Epson printer ran out of ink. The whole Epson deal to me is a scam. I have 4 cartridges to purchase anytime one runs out. We tried to replace just one and no such luck. The black, blue, yellow and red cartridges run about $70 total so that is one reason I hold off on buying.

This weekend my mom visited and Friday she mentioned that at 4pm she'd need to print her boarding passes for her Southwest Airlines trip back to St. Louis. Immediately I knew it was time to get new ink. I've noticed a place nearby that's realitively new that refills ink cartridges. They are called Rapid Ink Refill. Early Friday morning on our excursion to yard sales I stopped by to see what the deal was.

I was greeted by a friendly, elderly lady and immediately I informed her that I was a first timer. I showed her my cartridges and she quickly grabbed the replaces from the wall. I didn't know if mine would be refilled and how long it would take so I was please to know that I'd have my product as soon as I walked out the door.

Great experience because the cost to me with a $3 teacher discount was just $27 with tax. Saved about $40. The lady informed me that my cartridges weren't completely empty. She said the little computer chip on the bottom was actually a page counter and it estimates how many pages it could print. That means many people don't get their money's worth when they buy cartridges, especially from Espon.

So when you run out of ink go ahead and check out one of those ink refill places. As long as these last a while, it will be well worth it!

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