Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Update

This is the first Spring Break since I can remember that I didn't leave town and visit St. Louis. This morning my wife headed out with our daugther on a camping expedition to Oklahoma. They invited a friend of my daughter and her mom who happens to teach at my school.

My first task of the day was detailing a Jeep Cj7. I still need to work off 2 details that I traded for a tree at Christmas. The hardest part was keeping my son busy. It was breezy so fortunately we both had jackets in the truck. My son managed to lock the doors to the truck and they keys were inside. A friend picked me up and I broke into my own house to get the back up pair.

I helped this friend mow the yard of the house he grew up in. His mom had been renting it out since 1984 when they moved into a bigger house. He said they paid $13,000 for it in 1972.

Afterwards my son and I played putt putt golf. This course has some really long, tricky holes. If I were golfing competitively, or should I say, if my wife were along, we might have needed to leave. A few day laborers were trimming the bushes around the course. At least 10 of the holes had SERIOUS debris: branches, extension cords, a bush trimmer, leaves and so on. My son didn't have a problem with it.

Maybe we should all have the worries of a 3 year old. Just the boys tonight!

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