Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dora or Daddy?

Last night it was a bit past my son's bedtime and I had already started a 30 minute Dora segment on TV. Mommy said it was time for bed and my son wanted to finish watching Dora. I gave him the choice of watching Dora and going straight to bed, or come to bed now and daddy would play basketball with him. He's got 2 hoops hanging from his closet doors and about 1/2 the time we play ball before he goes to bed.

He insisted on both and I gave him my teacher choice of Love and Logic: Either pick one or you go to bed with nothing. I waited anxiously as he decided. He picked playing basketball with daddy. I was waiting to be rejected, but was affirmed when he decided to spend time with me playing hoops before going to bed. Special times indeed.

The set up is pretty cool. Grandma bought him a lighted hoop and a basketball with lit neon stripes. We play in the dark. I got outscored last night 4-2. He was really on last night. Bad thing is this winds him up a bit and our prayer time usually isn't enough to calm him down. He ends up coming out of his bed 2-3 times before calling it a night. By this time his "sis" has been sound asleep for about an hour. She's like her mommy, "Lights out" as soon as her head hits the pillow.

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