Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Acting Childish AND Holding Parents Accountable

I watched most of the President's speech last night knowing things would bug me a bit. I can't help but point out how childish the two parties act while the whole nation is watching. Most things the president would bring up brought clapping and sometimes standing ovations from the Republicans while the Democrats just stared basically sitting on their hands. There was the occasional smirk of a Democratic candidate caught on camera. I know the response would be the same if it were a Democratic President giving a speech. No wonder today's new generation of voters could care less. Grow up!

As a teacher I perked up a bit when Bush brought up the No Child Left Behind program. Indeed schools are getting better being held more accountable, as well as the scores of all children, especially minority students have gotten better. When Bush said the line about holding teachers accountable I really wish somewhere in the NCLB program parents could be held accountable as well. It really isn't "fair" for a teacher to be held accountable for a child's state test scores when he/she has been absent more than 20 days this year, 30+ last year and was home school the year before that(this in no way portrays a real student and was just a hypothetical situation).

It is my understanding that Congress is being sued by some the largest teachers union along with Texas, Michigan and Vermont for holding states accountable to the NCLB guidelines when Congress has failed to fully fund the program. The Supreme Court reviewed the lawsuit and last I heard they have given it the okay to proceed.

You are welcome to read about it: January 8, 2008 article.

How about you?

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