Wednesday, January 16, 2008

5th Grade Camp

Made it back this afternoon from 5th grade camp at Possum Kingdom Lake just west of the DFW metroplex. As usual 90% of the students did great, 5% did as well as expected, and 5% disappointed. I really can't talk about students, but I can talk about my experience.

The 4-fifth grade teachers stayed in the clinic with the assistant principal, school counselor and school nurse. The 2 male teachers stayed in the south wing. We had 5 beds in our wing so we were able to double up on our paper thin mattresses. I felt like I was sleeping in a bowl though. On a positive note we had electricity, indoor plumbing and a refrigerator. The weather was AWESOME(60's) as well. On a downside we had concrete floors, no window treatment and third world country bedding. We also had a few food items that were truly inedible. I PASSED ON FRENCH FRIES!

This camp was heavily geared towards teaching and reinforcing science concepts that the students learn in 4th and 5th grade. I was really satisfied with the curriculum. Our "naturalists", or camp guides, were spectacular and probably tilted our experience into an area that we have already tentatively scheduled a timeframe for next year.

I am fortunate that my homeroom parents, or chaperones, are really low key and did a great job. Our nurse should have gotten paid extra with all that she had to deal with. On top of dealing with medications she had other things to deal with. One non-staff person really put a damper on her trip.

I am glad to be home. I've showered and shaved and really look forward to getting more than 2 hours of sleep tonight! That is, if my wife can keep her hands off of me :) .

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