Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad Weather Days

I remember growing up in St. Louis and my first 4 years of school we were just outside St. Louis in a very hilly area so the district had a significant number of bad weather days built in. 90% of the kids rode buses so when it snowed school was cancelled regularly. I'm talking 6-12 inches of snow at a time. I looked forward to these days because I was able to make some cash shoveling snow.

Now that I am a teacher I still get caught up in the excitement of possible bad weather days. But since I live in Texas we might have 1 day a year that it MAY ice up.

We came home Thursday night just knowing that Friday would be the day. Rain overnight and temperatures dipping below 32 just before 5am. Right in the heart of rush hour. In a way I went to sleep Thursday night with the TV remote and 2 phones on my bedside just knowing school would at least be delayed til 10am. I went to bed even thinking I'll get to sleep in.

I woke about 4:30am for a normal trip to the bathroom. I did see that it was raining a bit and even turned on the TV. No school closings at this time. The weather had not dipped below 32 so it wasn't turning to sleet or ice.

I think that really affected my overall attitude at school. I became so grumpy by my last class that I was so glad to see the kids leave.

So much for bad weather days in Texas.

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