Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tour St. Louis

My trip to St. Louis is soon coming to an end. Plans were to leave Saturday early, but I think I'll head out by noon on Friday. I've been here 9 days and I'm just about ready to get back home.

I went bowling 4 times. I think I ended up 6 wins 2 losses to my brother. His ball broke my last trip here. I bowled 3 games with my wife and didn't strike....that's horrible. Yesterday BillyV bowled with a 10 pound ball and had high game of my trip, 203. Then he bowled less than 1/2 that the last game. At least his 10 pound ball wasn't pink. We bowled 12 games with 2 shoe rentals and were only charged $13. What a DEAL!

They shut down a major highway in St. Louis on the 2nd. I drove this hwy everyday for about 6 years. Glad that isn't my route anymore.

I took my wife to the airport 5:30am on Wednesday and she nearly missed her 6:30am flight. They held the plane for her and a few others. There were people EVERYWHERE!

Traffic light cameras. My friend Jon informed me that the light right by his house has a camera that will tape you as you enter the intersection. This is a light which would be easy to coast thru as it seems as if you should just yeild before turning. I warned my mom that she might receive a ticket in the mail since I drove her car New Years Eve.

Food. White Castles 3 times, Cecil Whittakers pizza twice, Lion's Choice twice. No trips to Ted Drewes or Gus' Pretzels. Remember my physical report told me not to change a thing about my diet. I wonder what my thorough heart exam next week will tell me. Start PRAYING!

Most likely driving back Friday, possibly Saturday.

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