Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wow, I'm Exhausted

I'm being a little bit sarcastic with my title. I finally had to teach students today. I didn't do much teaching other than give the instruction to make a poster about our 5th grade camp. It's called "A One Pager" and all the student has to do is to write, draw, illustrate, create diagrams about all they learned at camp. Much of it was science based. I gave 90 minutes for this project and out of 60 students, maybe 3 finished. Now my problem is when do I let them finish?

The students will have completed at least 30 days without structured instruction. We really lose 1 week before our "Holiday" break. Then 2 weeks. When we came back we gave 4 straight days of assessments, kind of like finals for elementary. Then this week we had camp the first three days and then today was the only real day. I created an easy lesson.

The students have a 4 day weekend and then it's back to serious business. Now is the time we really gear up for the state assessments. I think reading is first, then math followed by science in May. I'll identify students tomorrow who need a heavy dose of tutoring and start that soon.

Friday is a teacher workday so I hope to get my plans together for the next 2-3 weeks.

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