Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead

Great scene from a Monty Python movie where a cart master is going around picking up dead people and a guy tries to get rid of a guy who is "almost" dead. The last 10 days have been tough on me. Every since a week ago Wednesday I feel like I've been less than alive. I probably could have and should have taken a day or 2 off last week. Finally Friday I visited a local Emergency Care place which diagnosed me with Sinusitus. At least it wasn't Flu or Strep.

Hard to sleep at night when you are coughing and blowing the nose every minute or two. Today is Thursday, about 9 days after I really started feeling sick and I feel I'm about 90% back to capacity.

I did take off yesterday, Wednesday, and napped for about 2 hours. I even took a brief nap on my co-workers small sofa during my plan time today. Been drinking lots of water and juice too!

I developed a new plan to get healthy. Last weekend, during my illness, I attended a health class. My 3 simple keys to getting healthier right now are:

1. Drink 2-3 bottles of water before drinking a diet Pepsi.
2. Only have breakfast away from home on Friday's-Chick Fil A DAY!!!!
3. Walk/jog 2 miles a day no matter what.

So far I'm 4 days in and successful! Now if I could just sleep thru the night and get back to being myself.

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