Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

42 today. Weird when I think 14 years ago I was 28, and 14 years from now I will be 56. A real good friend from school is about to be 28 and I can't believe we are really 14 years different in age. Anyway, spent most of my day looking for a car for my wife. We came home with our 2000 Neon.

Country Dealer-we drove a 2008 Dodge Avenger for 2 days since they couldn't find the 2007 Sebring we drove up to see Saturday. They located it at one of their other 3 dealerships. The ad said 16,000 miles and it had 21,000 on it. We were disappointed by the condition it was in. Obviously it was a rental car at one time and it was nicked up a bit. It took us about 45 minutes to leave the dealership. We had to wait to get our car back. On top of that we had to meet 2 sales managers who had to ask us why we couldn't put a deal together. Simply, "WE DON'T WANT THAT CAR!" "Well, what about a Dodge Caliber?" NO NO NO! Nobody wore dress clothes. Deer hunting gear seemed more like it at this place

This dealer was 40 miles north of our home and the 2nd dealer was about 30 miles south. We left Country Dealer a little after 6pm and dropped our kids off at home to a sitter. We woofed down cheeseburgers on the way(more on this later.)

City Dealer-Everyone had on white shirts, ties and sport coats. The salesman had the car sitting up front when we got there. Test drove, gave our credit info, laid out our have to's on payment and such. They came in $30 a month higher than our limit. Deal or No Deal? No Deal. This car had 5,000 more miles than advertised AND they were charging $700 for window etching AND there was some body damage. At least this guy let us leave right away once he realized we weren't going to budge. Then again it was 9:30pm and he was scheduled off at 7pm.

Stopped and got an ice cream with the wife on the way home to top the night off.


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