Thursday, February 21, 2008

Once Removed

It has been 4 days since we really tried to purchase a car. We left the last dealer with an offer of "about" $265-275 a month. That was paying the $700 for window ID etching. Yesterday I got a call that the new offer was $249 a month. I politely called back today and talked to an assistant and said no thanks. I got another call saying he had talked to the "owner" and it was now $240. That $25-$35 a month could have been $1500 more out of my pocket, and profit for the dealer. That is why it is smart to educate yourself first and be ready to walk away. Their last offer was $3 away from my wife's number of $237. I was hoping for $230. If the number would have been $240 Monday night she'd be driving the 2007 Sebring. I'm so glad they didn't offer that amount.

We've reconsidered whether or not we really want to make the purchase. That $2500 out of pocket with money down and monthly payments could pay off our Lowes card. We could realistically be out of debt by Christmas....outside a house payment and my truck.

So, when buying a car....TAKE YOUR TIME and be ready to walk away. My walking away has already changed the balance into my favor by at least $1500.

We did leave our garage opener in the car that we drove last weekend. Hope they mail it. Not wanting to drive 80 miles round trip for the opener.

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