Monday, November 03, 2008

College Football

The offer: I got an email Friday from my good friend CB, a.k.a "me" when commenting saying he could possibly have an extra ticket to the Oklahoma vs. Nebraska football game in Norman, Oklahoma. It worked out that he didn't have an extra ticket, but with the wife's blessing we found a single $87 ticket on EBAY for $29.

The trip: We left around 10am and after stopping 4 times for sunglasses, an OU hat, a long sleeve shirt and a remote for our TV so we turned a 2 1/2 hour trip into a 3 1/2 trip. We checked into our hotel and made it to start tailgating around 2:30pm.

Tailgating: Cold drinks, plenty of sunshine, grilled burgers and dogs and bean bag toss game.

The game: My seat was near the end zone and 33 rows up. Pretty good seat next to grandma. I ended up leaving 1/2 way thru the 2nd quarter when OU held a 35-0 lead. Just being inside the stadium with so many loyal and crazy fans was worth the $29.,

On my own: Wanted to find this pizza place my neighbor recommended, no such luck. I ended up back at the outdoor courtyard by O'connells. They had a jumbotron with the game on. When it was over we were treated to the ended of the Texas Tech/Texas game. WOW!

Midnight: Right as we were leaving I ordered the largest funnel cake I've ever seen. It only cost $5.50, but if I bought one this large at Six Flags it may have cost over $50. It was HUGE....and good. I nibbled at it as we walked back to our truck. 3 out of 5 of our party wanted to go to the nearby casino.

Casino: I've been to Vegas one time and have been to 2 different casinos in Oklahoma so going to this one wasn't going to be anything new for me. I did find out that casinos may be the last place on earth where people can smoke indoors. I ended up walking around and ended up putting $2 into a video poker game. That was enough for me. After we left I found out that our driver would have been just as happy going back to the hotel room instead of going. Darn it.

The Hotel: $90 for a basic room. This was a real old Motel 8 that was slowly being renovated. Our room was clean but it had its flaws. The bathroom light took about a minute to actually turn on. This set up a few peeing in the dark adventures. I couldn't get the shower to turn off. The bathroom door was warped and really didn't lock. Somehow I ened up with the queen sized bed and the other 2 guests took up a roll away cot and a blow up mattress. Thanks guys!

Sunday: We did get to sleep an extra hour. It was badly needed after staying out so late. I ended up getting home about 1pm.

Overall: Good trip and I'm glad I went. It is not an every weekend type of thing. Maybe if I were an OU fan.

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