Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is my 553rd blogger post. I'm slowly closing in on Barry Bonds. About 200 more posts. If you add this to the many that I posted on tblog and I'm sure I'm approaching 1000 entries. I've always thought about going back and printing 10 a day until I'm done and put the entries into a binder, thus creating sort of a blog biography. I'm curious to see how my style in sharing has changed over time and how along the way you pick up different blogger friends.

Top 5 Things Going On Right Now
5. 3 more days of school before the break
4. Lost 3 pounds this week. Closing in on the 200 pound barrier.
3. Love my teaching position this year. The kids are great.
2. Currently narrowing in on which church to attend regularly. See link.
1. Got an email from GM today asking me to contact congress.

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