Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cling to the Word

I remember being in church when I was a kid and a teenager and couldn't wait for the sermon to get over so we could get out and get lunch. Once I was old enough to drive myself I would often come from Sunday School class, walk into the sanctuary, get my hugs from the old ladies, shake the hands of the deacons and then walk right out the back door. The Sunday School part made me eligible for sports( 2 of 4 Sundays required).

In the early 90's a young pastor and his family moved to St. Louis and became our pastor at MBC. This was the first time in my life that I actually listened to sermons with a purpose. It helped that I liked this guy and he was kind of a mentor for me and my friends and we spent all of our time with him and his family. He also pastored our wedding and when my wife and I moved to Texas in 1996 he ended up in Texas, which was his home state. He had us check out a church in Garland that was courting him to pastor their church.

It was a nice time in my life before children that he pastored a church close enough for my wife and I to attend. We started a young married without children class and we had a special 3 years at this church as well.

My wife and I moved to Missouri in 2000 and back to Texas in 2002. We decided that the 20 mile drive would not be in our best interest, especially since we had children, so we found a church close to home. We've spent the past 6 years at 2 different churches and I've never really clung to the word of a pastor like I have of this pastor friend.

When he called Sunday night checking in on me and how our church hunt was going he did inform me that his sermons were available online. My wife and I haven't fully settled on a full time church to commit to and she mentioned going back to this church again. After listening to his "pre-election" sermon that had no slant on how to vote, unlike my last church, I could see us visiting this church on a regular basis again. The nice thing is many of our friends from 10 years ago are still there, albeit with 2-3 children now.

I just want to get up on Sundays and cling to God's word from someone who speaks a message that is practical and applicable. I can't use gas prices as an excuse not to drive now.

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