Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Christmas Tree

Yesterday we left the house with the goal of getting a Christmas tree. We really had 3 options. We could go to Lowes and buy a tree and use our Lowes card with has a $300 balance in our favor. Or we could go back to the local tree place that a friend of mine owns and work out a trade. We discussed going to a cut it down yourself place as well.

The last 4 years we have gotten our tree from this place in exchange for auto details. 2 years ago we got a $139 noble fir, the most expensive tree I've ever had. This year we found a 10 foot tall douglas fir and worked out a deal for 2 future auto details. I actually owed a detail to the co-owner, the father in law, so I detailed his 2 door Lexus convertible. Nice doing a 2 door, smaller car compared to an SUV.

The tree looks great. My wife decorated it with red and white lights along with red and silver ornaments. Simple, yet attractive.


Erin said...

Our tree has the same theme! Red, White and Silver!!

The MAN Fan Club said...


Tallest tree we've had. It is nice. Come one over and see it.