Friday, November 14, 2008


Last Saturday my wife and I stopped by the local animal shelter, SPCA, and casually looked at cats and dogs. We are not in the market for a pet, at least I'm not, but we still like going. At least we're not wasting someone's time like we would if we just went around test driving cars. On the way out we saw someone in the adoption process and one of the things on the contract states that you will not sell the animal or put the pet up for adoption online. First of all, OOOPS! That's what we did with our siamese cat when we got hardwood floors and it was scratching them. I heard the lady say that the policy is to simply return the pet to the SPCA so they can put it back up for adoption.

As we were leaving my wife cracked a funny. She said if you did that you would have bad animal credit. Funny, but she's probably right. If you return the pet you'd probably ruin your chances of adopting from the SPCA again. Kind of like turning your car into the bank because you can't afford the payments anymore.

Wow, bad animal credit(BAC).

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