Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gone Fishing

Memorial Day we had an informal bbq at my brother's house and around 4pm we left for my moms. The kids took the usual 30 minute car nap so while they were napping we stopped at her place to get a few fishing poles and we drove to a small park nearby. We got there early enough to visit the farm animals: pigs, small ponies, goats, a sheep, a turkey, rabbits, chickens, and geese. We also tried a little bit of fishing. I did learn that you need a license to fish between the ages of 16-64. That's why I was holding the pink Barbie pole.....I was helping my 5 year old.

Got up early this morning and drove the kids to my dad's place. We ended up fishing 2 different small lakes. Ended up catching about 10+ fish: perch, blue gill and small mouth bass. Now if I can just get the fish smell off my hands.

My daughter really gets into fishing. She touches the worms, tears them in half, and even wants to hold and release the fish. She even catches a few fish on accident.

Wednesday we will either go to a 12 noon Cardinals game or try to go to the St. Louis Zoo(FREE).

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