Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mission Impossible to Follow

Since I was taking the day off today I went to the 10pm showing of Mission Impossible III last night. The movie was very enjoyable, but I came home wondering what it was really about. Plenty of action and I stayed with the movie, but seriously I don't know what the overall plot was. If anyone saw the movie could you answer a few questions that I have.

1. Who were the "buyers" in Rome?
2. Was the first agent that was kidnapped just bait for Ethan?
3. Who actually had possession of "the rabbit's foot" before Ethan captured it?
4. Do you think they editted out the capturing of "the rabbit's foot?"

No controversy here today. The In the Ghetto post was enough for the week.

Awesome day out today. Took the day off to watch the kids while the wife interviewed her 3rd time for a job. Detailed one car and mowed 3 lawns. Finished the night going to church for a session on "Decoding The Davinci Code."

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