Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In the Ghetto

Who sang, "In the Ghetto.......and his momma cried?"
billy v will get this one right away

If you are an occasional reader of my blogs you would know that I am involved in church, I teach, am a family man and really not that confrontational or controversial by nature. Not much offends me. Maybe I'm calloused, older, or just calm by nature. I'm not sure why. This weekend AT CHURCH my wife stood near a conversation of a few ladies one of whom teaches in the same district that I do. This lady's conversation included the statement, "I'm so glad I won't be teaching in the ghetto next year." This is the 2nd time my wife has overheard this lady saying this comment.

She is referring to having to teach at the school with the overall lowest net income, highest hispanic and black population. This bothers me on several fronts. FIRST: How unprofessional is it to talk that way about kids who can't help their situation? SECOND: She is at church and CHRIST would never talk like this. THIRD: I live in the "ghetto" she is talking about. I don't live in the rough parts, but my daughter would go to that school if I weren't a teacher and she can go to my school.

Keep in mind the church I attend is in one of the wealthiest areas in the country. It is surrounded by homes that range from $150K up to $1 million.

I hope my wife addresses this because if she doesn't I think I will talk to her husband who is responsible for her behavior. I would hope that he wouldn't condone her behavior.

In the Ghetto -Elvis

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