Thursday, May 18, 2006

Velveeta Cheese

Went to WalMart tonight to pick up a few groceries for card night tomorrow night. We first went to kindergarten open house to meet next year's possible teachers so by the time my family arrived at WalMart I was pretty much beat. I picked up a few necessities but was disappointed that as big as WalMart is they really don't have much variety. I went to the cold adult beverage aisle looking for 2 different Mexican brews and they didn't have either. Then the biggest issue I have is how the grocery department is designed. We also were looking for Velveeta cheese. I know exactly where it is located at our variety of grocery stores, but not at WalMart. You would have thunk that Velveeta CHEESE would be somewhere near the cheese section. It wasn't. I walked every food aisle and finally found a small section of Velveeta cheese next to the pasta. What's the deal with that? At a grocery store Velveeta tends to have an endcap for display and the grocery store even has a cheaper version. And why at WalMart is it on a non-cooled shelf and at grocery stores it is in a cooler section? I know it isn't really food and its SHELF life is about 2 years.

If you don't have anything to do tomorrow night come on by for cards, wings, nachos and a few cold ones. I'll harvest my first jalepenos from my garden tomorrow.

Forecast: fun.

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