Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do The Right Thing

Last Friday night I joined an impromptu card game since my wife had a friend come over with her kids and they planned on going to dinner. I headed north for about a 15 ride on the highway arriving around 7:30 for the 8pm game. I settled in with a cold drink and got our mini-snack buffett going as the final 3 contestants showed up.

We had a good mix of guys and I was really enjoying the company when the phone rang. It was my wife telling me that a severe weather system was headed our way. As we were in the last 15 minutes of a timed card event I told her I would check the TV, finish up our game that would end at 10:30pm and then call her back.

We turned the TV on to see massive storm systems heading Northeast towards our area. At first it looked like my house would be spared, but when we turned to another station they showed the storms heading due East. Around 10:45pm one of our players felt it was best to just head back home in case the system hit as bad as they were predicting. That made it easier for me to cash in also and head home.

I left a little after 11pm and made it home by 11:30pm. The storm never hit. Like the Moses and the Red Sea our city seems to part the storms.

I took a little razzing from the host about leaving and I understand his point. In reality leaving early cost me about an hour or 2 of card playing.

The following is a breakdown of what I could have done and what the outcome probably would have been on the homefront.

Stay/No storm=wife a little miffed
Stay/Storm=wife really miffed...REALLY MIFFED
Go home/no storm=wife pleased
Go home/storm=wife very pleased....VERY PLEASED

The next day my wife was trying to tell me that she wasn't telling me to come home and that she was just warning us since we wouldn't be watching TV. She really never tells me no on anything I want to do, but we have a great relationship and usually I can just tell what she is really wanting. She would feel better if I came home.

I'm sure by coming home we've had a better week than if I hadn't come home. I just told her that since I came home early that didn't count as my one night playing cards. I get a REDO!

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