Saturday, May 13, 2006

Doing Extra

Real busy week for me even though I only put in a 4 day work week and one of those days was a blow off day considering I wore my Cardinals jersery and a ball cap to work Friday. How serious could that have been?

I made about $450 extra this week doing miscellaneous jobs. I detailed 5 cars this week and made $250, got paid for 3 weeks worth of mowing $90, and announced to girls playoff softball games yesterday and today and made another $110. This on top of my $150 extra I make a week working our before and after school program. Making this extra cash does help us get by each month a little more comfortably. 8 years ago the bulk of my extra cash came from working at a movie theatre making $8 an hour. I'd have to work about 90 hours extra each week to make the equivalent that I made this week and I only worked about 27 extra hours.

Before you go thinking I worked 67 hours this week figure that 2 of those hours were from mowing pay for 2 previous mows and I did take one day off and worked about 8 of those hours on the day that I took off. Still about 15 hours above a normal 40 hour work week.

My question is how am I so active yet I carry around extra weight? Alright PIGS, fire away. I did confess this week to having eaten french fries with all 3 meals the day that I took off.

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