Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy Week

Haven't posted in a while. Maybe it is burn out mentally, or maybe I am just really preoccupied with the end of the school year stuff. Friday is the last day of school. This is my first year of having my own class of 20 so it is all really new, even after 8 years of teaching. It has been a great year with a few bumps. From what I hear from my mentor, this has been a difficult year. That means the next year should be easier and more rewarding!

Heading out for St. Louis on Saturday to spend 9 days with my family. I am taking my 2 kids and giving my wife a 9 day break from me and the kids. She's spent the last 2 years at home with the kids and will be going back to teaching next fall. She needs this break and I need some family time.

I'll try to post from St. Louis, but I'll be busy so I won't promise anything.

Top 5 Things I Want to Do In St. Louis
5. Take a brewery tour
4. Visit special friends
3. Stay at my brother's cabin
2. Go bowling
1. See a Cardinals game

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