Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Taking a beating

I actually have to work a 5 day work week this week and I'm 60% there. Today was going along business as usual until I started taking beating after beating.

Beating #1: Today went pretty smoothly until I found out during lunch that we had a staff meeting. I just started working our after school program so that took care of making $25 today.

Beating #2: Right before the staff meeting I got an email from our bank that we had overdrafted our account. Pay day is at least 2 days away.

Beating #3: Our staff meeting was all about writing and I don't teach writing. It was probably a good meeting, but I didn't get to participate much.

Beating #4: The staff meeting went past 5pm so missed calling my wife to see where we could meet for dinner before she took the kids to church.

Beating #5: Next option was to go to the rush hour show. It was 5:08 and the only movie showing that I wanted to see was Narnia and it started at 5:15.

Beating #6: I then decided to go to Wally world to buy a few groceries and pick up the bar be que chicken chunks that they have. They were out.

Beating #7: I could salvage the night and go to the 5:45 Narnia movie, but as I'm checking out with my bread and soda I see that it is 5:35. No way would I make it on time.

I then salvaged the night by going to church to pick up my son instead of leaving him in child care while my wife participated in a few activities. His bright smile healed all the beatings. Instead of running to me like usually, he stayed anchored to the auto garage that he was playing with. When I told him it was time to go bye bye he just smiled and shook his head no. With a little assistance we made our way home together. At home he was a blast. He is at the age where he is actually starting to engage in sustained play, albeit 10 minutes at a time. I am blessed to have a child with such a happy demeaner. We played a little ball, in the house and when it was time for bed he let me put his jammies on him and he easily went to bed, no fuss.

My wife and daughter came home after 9pm. The last blessing of the night came when my 4 1/2 year old daughter actually read me her first book. She's probably ahead of many kids a year or so older than she is.

I'm a very fortunate parent! My beating was short lived.


Deanna said...

How awesome that your daughter can read at that age. Good for her!

Every day I have "beatings" but as soon as my daughter comes through the door at night and screams "Momma" and gives me a great big hug, my beatings always seem to disappear.

Wiccachicky said...

What a nice end to a somewhat crappy day! I'd be impressed if my four year old read me a book!

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to Deanna: I could have went to the movies and escaped, but decided to spend time with my son.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to wiccachicky: It was a proud moment. After having worked with Special Education students I realize she can read better than some 8 year olds.