Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kids Stuff

Today my 4 1/2 year old daughter asks, "Why did Santa give Ian toys from Sonic?" She's a little too inquisitive. I saved a few Sonic kid's meal toys to put into my son's Christmas stocking.

What did I tell my daugher?
A. Santa stopped by Sonic on the way to our house.
B. Santa's elves makes all the toys.
C. Santa gets his toys from the same place Sonic does.
D. Okay, there is no Santa.

The answer will be at the end of this post.

Last night I took the kids to Walmart to get some groceries. On the way in some fundraising guy dressed like Elvis was making those twisty animal balloons. The positive was I used that as a discipline management tool while we shopped. The negative was that was all my daughter talked about while we shopped so I was going to have to pony up and pay whatever the price was. Since I have 2 children I'd have to get 2. The suggested donation was $1-$20. I forked over $2 for 2 and "supposedly" it was to help abused children.

Children get excited about the simplest things. Balloons always seem to facinate kids. My daughter appreciated hers more than my son, but if I didn't get him one he would surely have cried. Also this weekend instead of playing with any of their Christmas toys they were simply playing in the dirt. Dirt is only 99 cents a bag. Maybe next year I'll buy them each a bag of balloons and a bag of dirt.

The answer is C, Santa must get his toys where Sonic buys their toys. The best reply probably would have been B.


Pigs said...

That's hilarious! Did she buy it?

Wiccachicky said...

That's funny - I've always said the "box" theory holds water. We have pictures of my partner's nieces unwrapping their toys, discarding them and going straight for the box.

Billy V said...

Best reply would have been: Sarah, have you ever notice how closely Santa's name is to Satan's?

Jennifer said...

Kids are smart...sometimes smarter than us.

And a big old "I told you so!" You were so not sleeping in on Saturday!

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to pigs: I think she did, but it won't be long before she uncovers the truth. I just hope she doesn't spoil it for everyone else her age or older.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to wiccachicky: I'm not getting the box theory. You mean the box that the toy came in?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to billyv: Doesn't Satan own Satan's Magical Kingdom out by Six Flags?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to Jennifer: I think Sunday afternoon was hardest on me. The day after the day after. Still tired today. YES, you told me so.

Wiccachicky said...

Reply to MAN:
Yeah, the box the toy comes in. It's always more exciting to the kids than what was in it!!