Saturday, January 07, 2006

80 degrees in January

When I moved to Texas the first time in 1996 I said I had to live in a place that was sometimes sunny and seventy in February. Well, today beat that. I spent about 4 hours outside today and the weather was awesome. We've gone about 3 weeks without activating our heating system. The earth must have shifted on it's axis.

I did have the kids again today. I learned that the less sleep my daughter gets, the less she thinks she needs. She squeaked by without a nap on Friday and stayed up until 10pm last night. She went straight to bed without changing into jammies. She was up at 7am this morning. Not something I was looking for when I went to bed after 2am last night. As the day went on I really had to transition her into thinking about a nap. "I don't want a nap","I'm not sleepy" were a few of the replies. I let her take a fruit roll up to nap with. Tonight she didn't fight it . 8:30pm on the mark she climbed into bed and didn't get up one time....yet.

I now realize that my wife probably feeds the kids better. Today's food agenda included donuts for breakfast, a hamburger kids meal for lunch, a donut and a corn dog for dinner. I think this is border line child abuse. Lucky for me my kids ask for apples or bananas during the day and my daughter prefers the apple slices instead of fries with her kids meal.

My wife also nurtures the kids better than I do. She'll read books with them and really transitions them to bed well. I'm more along the line of, "here's your bed" and turn out the lights. I am very blessed to have son who seems to enjoy taking naps and going to bed each night. I think he's part adult even at 19 months.

They'll be excited to see their mommy Sunday afternoon. Wish them luck until they see her.


Wiccachicky said...

Sounds like you spent half the day practicing your Jedi Mind Tricks with your daughter! I'm sure it will be nice to have your wife back home, and it was probably nice for her to have the break!

Pigs said...

See? This will make you appreciate what your wife does! She deserved a break. :o) Good for you.

ps - Really? Going to bed with a fruit roll up? I don't get it.

The MAN Fan Club said...

reply to wiccachicky: It was much better than I thought. I think it was also nice for my wife and I to be independent of each other. She probably got the better deal getting to hang out with friends for 3 nights straight.

The MAN Fan Club said...

reply to pigs: My daughter wanted one of those fruit rolls that I got from school. I bribed her into taking her nap by saying she could only have the snack if she took it to bed and napped.

Billy V said...

How much did you lose?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to billyv: Haven't really lost "Since you're gone."

Was up to $14 with my initial %4 buy in and cashed out $9+ some coins.