Monday, January 02, 2006

Home at last

Thank God Almighty, we are home at last.

Woke up this morning around 5:30 am to a severe thunderstorm which contained heavy rain and some hail. I felt fortunate that I had my Jeep parked inside my mom's garage since it was loaded and ready to go! Left out around 8am and saw 4 Highway Patrol cars in Missouri the first 300 miles. None the rest of the way Oklahoma and Texas. Drove through a little rain in Missouri also. We stopped in Joplin Missouri for lunch and we visited an old friend.

In Oklahoma we actually drove through one of those wild fires you've seen on the news. It was close to dark so the flames were dramatic. In most places it was a mild fire, but in the woods the flames were over 5 feet tall. We saw at least 5 different places where fires had burned and they had jumped the highway. Tomorrow is supposed to be prime "danger" since wind is supposed to gust up to 20 mph.

Took an hour to unpack. My wife was diligent in making sure each bag got unloaded in it's proper place. She even did one load of laundry. I am also glad she really cleaned the house before we left because it was really nice to come home to a clean house.

We're back!


Wiccachicky said...

I do the same thing as your wife!! My partner and I HAD to clean the house before we left because I just hate coming home to a messy house. Usually we drive in too late at night to deal with a mess when we get back from such a long stretch of road. Good to hear you are back safely.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to wiccachicky: Thanks. Business as usual.

Pigs said...

Welcome home! Sounds like quite an adventure. Those fires are freaking me out.

Deanna said...

I was actually thinking about you when I heard of the wildfires and was hoping you were okay. Glad to hear you are.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to pigs: Just water your own lawn and don't drive across Texas or Oklahoma any time soon.

The MAN Fan Club said...

deanna: Thanks for the thoughts, which can be interpreted as prayers. We're safe.