Saturday, April 11, 2009

Things I Despise

I really do not like poodles. It is not their fault, it is me. If I saw one out in the street I'd probably run over it if I could. The other thing I really despise and have great disdain for is the Lance Armstrong wanna be bicylcists who take up a full lane on city streets. I'm sure I'll make a life altering decision someday and confuse a bicyclists for a poodle and take them out. Hope not.

Well, my patience was tested today as my son and I went to QT to get drinks. As I pulled into the lot I saw at least 30+ bikes and many middle aged men and a few women dressed in official varying "team" gear. Most of these outfits weren't that flattering for the guys. I decided to fill up before getting drinks. My son says he is going to grow up and ride bikes like them. I quickly said, "NO." It so happened that when I jumped in my truck to leave all of the bicyclists hopped on their bikes and headed out, THE WAY I NEEDED TO GO.

The saving grace for me was that they quickly pulled to the stop light and were going straight. I was able to pull to the left turn lane unabaited.

Like the poodles, it's not their fault. It's just me. It drives me crazy that they can go 20 miles per hour in 45 mph zone. If I was going 20 mph in my truck people would honk, be rude and even give me the finger as they would cuss at me. I'm sure this happens to the bicyclists as well.

Do the bicyclists drive you crazy as well?


KauaiMark said...

"...Do the bicyclists drive you crazy as well?"

Not usually. They seem to know that "right of way" doesn't always mean "get your way" in Calif.

Bikers get run over or off the road regularly with all the traffic out here.

JDHTEACH said...

freaking hate them.....i have blogged about this in the past

billy v said...

I'm one of them now. Try to stay to the side, got a mirror. don't want to get in the way or get hit by someone like MAN. Columbia is very bike friendly.

Jon said...

We bike, the shorts are not flattering, but the padding makes a big difference so I wear them...

We usually try to go to places like Creve Coeur Park where there are lots of paved trails, etc.... Sometimes being on the road though is just necessary.

Tell Ian to start saving his money now.....the good bikes are not cheap.

The MAN Fan Club said...


Texas bicyclists have a sense of entitlement on the roads. They'll ride down major 4 lane roads clogging things up.

JDTeach can attest to Texas bicyclists.

Billyv, just don't ride that thing around here.

Jon, yes I appreciate you riding in a park area with paved trails. What abou the Katy Trail?

me said...

I have a bike to sell.. Tell the boy to save up! The shorts are needed but you can easily put reg shorts over them