Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Simple Phone Call

I called the RadioShack credit card people to find out why I had a $42 finance charge when it was 18 months NO interest. I got a nice guy named Miles who was easy to understand and who was very helpful. I purchased my computer and TV in February and in March never remembered opening a bill. I finally called the number on my credit card and my first payment was due THAT day. This guy said something like,"I see the problem, since your first payment was late it automatically took you off the NO interest. I can fix that." After a few moments of silence he came back and said, "I can also take off the $35 late fee as well."

In a matter of 10 minutes I saved $77 that I possibly could not have had an argument or a foot to stand on. I'll hurry up and pay off the balance.

We are moving to pay off debt. And it feels good.


billy v said...

I am convinced that credit companies are making a killing on making "mistakes" on people's bills and people not bothering to call them out and seek correction.

The MAN Fan Club said...

billyv, someone could bilk me for $20 a month on my bank statement because I rely on the bank to balance my statement.