Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not Expecting People to Be Nice

I stopped by the post office in hopes of getting 2 stamps for my daughter. Her class had some special project that involved mailing something to a family member. The 24 hour area at the post office is being remodeled and the stamp vending machines were gone. I commented to my daughter that I guess we wouldn't get stamps. That's when the guy who just mailed something asked how many stamps we needed. I told him 2 and when he gave us 2 I tried to pay him and he wouldn't accept.

After that I got my 1/2 price breakfast at Chick Fil A. 2 chicken egg biscuits, 1 4 pack chicken mini and a large diet Coke for $4.99.

Then during the day one of our school parents brought in a bottled diet Coke. She said she hit it on accident rather than the Coke and was told by our office staff that I would be a taker. I tried to give her a dollar and she declined as well.

Most people in general are nice!


me said...

come work downtown.. that'll change ur thots...

The MAN Fan Club said...

me, lots of years of your life is spent on 75. Good time for quiet time and prayer I guess.