Sunday, April 19, 2009

22 Miles

I tried something new this week. I was committed to going to the gym no matter what. It has really been hard to consistently go in the evenings with tee ball twice a week, gymnastics, church Tuesday and Wednesday. So I did something 3 times this week that I've only done ONCE in my life. I got out of bed at 5am and went to the gym and did cardio. The only day I didn't work out this week was Saturday. Looks like I'll be at the gym 5am Monday morning as well.

Observation: I've come to the conclusion that using profane language is correlated closely to lack of education. The less schooling someone has the more likely they are to use fowl language.

Did you know? I lemon typically will float in water while a lime will typically sink. Their buoyancy mass/volume is close to that of water which has a 1 to 1 ratio. 5 mass grams of water would be equal to 5 mL of water.


billy v said...

My wife agrees with you on the language thing (I've seen some educated people with filthy mouths however, especially in seminary, just kidding).

me said...

Seems to me a lot of times that language is used when someone can't come up w/ a better word to use.. BUT I can tell you many of the people I deal w/ use horrible language but are educated.. Think a lot is just what occupation they are in..

The MAN Fan Club said...

me, I also live in a bubble and am pretty sheltered overall.