Saturday, December 27, 2008

WE Moved Away

I am always more excited to come back to St. Louis than my wife. Slowly I am figuring out why. Before we came she commented, "Just don't turn me in to a single mom." That purpose of the comment was to point out that I often have much more to do than she does. I grew up in St. Louis and maintain many friendships. My wife doesn't have many friends here and another point is she doesn't tolerate her family as well as I do mine.

Out of the 4 grandparents only my mom goes overboard to make us feel welcome and to make our children the center of our visist. She is always willing to keep them and take them to go and do things. My dad will come and visit, but he is definitely a part-timer. Her parents are more distant and do very little to make things happen. Even when we go the extra they may or may not participate. I now know that it frustrates my wife and by coming home her disappointments are reinforced many times over.

We just remind ourselves that we moved away and to make thing happen we often put ourselves in vulnerable situations when it come to our feelings.


Anonymous said...

That must be very hard to deal with. We are very blessed. Tracey's parent's are divorced and both have remarried. So my kids benefit from 3 sets of grandparents. All of the grandparents and extended family for that matter do everything for our kids. They spent the night last night with their aunt so Tracey and I could have a date. We are truly blessed.

It is a shame that not everyone has this benefit.

Do you think your wifes side of the family is this way because ya'll moved away or is that the way they are?


The MAN Fan Club said...


IT's the way they are. My wife hardly ever saw her grandparents on her mom's side due to some fued or misunderstanding. Truly cherish that you have fun lovely parents to interact with your kids.

See you soon.


me said...

Well, hopefully that will keep you from moving back!