Friday, December 12, 2008

CP Down

We've had our Toshiba laptop for I guess 5 years and last summer the power jack came loose and we had to have it serviced. While servicing it they said the mother board fried and the $115 cost now became a $275. "Sure, go ahead and fix it." They then talked me into spending an additional $100 to reimage it since nothing had ever been done to it since we've had it. I've never added an anti-virus software either. Lucky it hadn't crashed on us.

We got the laptop back and it worked fine, but it never seemed any faster or more efficient than before I dropped $100 for a reimaging. Then this week as I was trying to find songs to download and simultaneously searched UTube for the songs the thing came to a grinding chug. I also downloaded a song from an unknown sight and then started getting pop-up 2009 anti-virus sight. It was relentless.

Anyway, I took it in Monday morning and let our school tech look at it. He said it was very much infiltrated by trojans and spyware. He recommended a few anti-virus software packs. He did clean it up and it seems a bit faster now.

Just frustrating spending about $400 with tax and for just a bit more I could have purchased a new one MUCH faster.

I'm back.


JDHTEACH said...

quit downloading adult movies

The MAN Fan Club said...


1. Cards at TM's house tomorrow night around 7:30-8.
2. I downloaded Limewire and tried to bootleg a few songs.
3. You Google Shannon Elizabeth and see what happens.(she was on Saved By the Bell and was one of the final women at the WSOP AND she's very attractive and has done nudies)


Anonymous said...

you should have used Would have fixed up your machine at a fraction of the cost.

me said...

Shannon Elizabeth was not on Saved by the Bell.. She was the one from American Pie.. the chick that ur thinking of from saved by the bell is Elizabeth Berkley.

Justin said...

Dang. It's not like a computer to be all glitchy and stuff...