Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gus and Ted

Had Gus' Pretzels yesterday for lunch. Had 1/2 a pretzel dog, pretzel bites an one pretzel stick. After shopping at a small t-shirt shop we bowled and then had Ted Drewes frozen custard for dinner. There I had a small plain cone and a mini chocolate chip concrete. If you are from St. Louis this is a pretty good thing. If you are from somewhere remote(Oklahoma or the rest of he USA) you just don't understand as my friend CB said something like this in 2006, "It's okay......"

Long sleeve dark blue St. Louis Billikens shirt $10
Heavy duty St. Louis Cardinals Hoody $29
St. Louis Cardinals hotwheel Hummer $2
St. Louis cap for wife $10
Black hoody $6

We did The Funnybone Comedy Club last night. Open mic night with about 15 different comedians. The first one was the most vulgar. A few didn't use profanity and did just well. Definitely a weird bunch. They were the odd group hanging out in the small bar befpre, during and after the show. Wonder if a Christian comedian could break into their fraternity. Or would the atmosphere be a beatdown?

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me said...

It's true, it was okay.. just standing outside in a line in the cold to get it seemed odd to me...

You need to watch "Appostles of Comedy".. good clean stuff