Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Going Commando

Monday morning I packed my gym bag and headed off for work. Right after work my Monday routine usually involves about an hour long work out and then I go weigh in to see if I've lost weight. I put my time in the gym trying to sweat off a few last ounces and showered before going to the meeting. When I unloaded my bag I could not find my underpants. My dilemna at that point was put my sweaty drawers back on or go commando. My first incling was to put my old drawers back on. Once they were on I knew that was a mistake so I went commando.

The toughest thing was just worrying that the barn door might be open so I walked basically with my hand over my fly. I weighed in and figured those few ounces with not having drawers on would have helped. It did not. I gained 2 pounds this week. This after going to the gym 8 straight days.

I figure I have let the little snacks creep in along the fact that I really don't push myself at the gym. I also have quit journaling or keeping track of what I've eaten. I'd rather walk for an hour on the treadmill to do 3 miles instead of jogging and getting it done in 30 plus minutes.

We'll see. I am thinking of taking a month off and start back up in January LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

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billy v said...

You gotta mix in the weight training. It may be more important than cardio. the problem? You will not notice the weight loss on the scale (you will be building muscle and losing body fat). Weight training burns fat longer than cardio workouts. You'll notice the weight loss in your wastline. I know you know this, but I rarely read about your weight training, mostly treadmill.

me said...

commando is cool -- especially in this weather

Anonymous said...

I got out of bed Sunday morning and my daughter was walking down the hall.

I turned the corner and she just began laughing and turned and ran.

I looked down and my "stuff" was hanging out of my flap...WHOOPS


The MAN Fan Club said...

True BillyV. I need to find a routine with more of a low weight, high rep, work out. Then hit the treadmill for a bit. I have finally mixed in the elliptical and bicycle. Did 3 miles total tonight. I'm sure "some" of it is muscle. I actually feel pretty good, but wouldn't be seen in public with my shirt off. Just the locker room.

The MAN Fan Club said...


Commando could potentially be bad at my place of work.

The MAN Fan Club said...


After 7 years of open bathroom doors we've tried to restrict my daughter's viewings. Now she's got a little brother to educate her.