Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Christmases

1. Today my immediate family started the Christmas season off by opening our gifts. Our Christmas kicks off the Saturday after Thanksgiving with us all going and picking out a tree. Even with a shorter span between Turkey day and Christmas our tree fell about 10 days short or surviving. It really didn't take on much water and turned dry and brittle very quickly.

We opened presents this morning. Good times for us as we have a 4 year old and a 7 year old. We wrote a letter to Santa telling him to deliver our gifts to grandmas house as we will be in St. Louis Christmas morning.

2. Tuesday the 23rd we will travel most of the day and end up at my sister-in-laws. They have 3 kids and we will probably will do Christmas together during the day Christmas Eve. I hope to travel in to St. Louis early enough to maybe catch a Christmas Eve service with good friends.

3. My kids will wake up Christmas morning at grandma M's house. My dad, brother and his 2 girls will come over for the gift exchange and we'll probably do the typical potluck roast, green beans and Hooter's wings luncheon.

My wife prefers to do Christmas here and avoid all the running around. She sacrificed and gave the okay to do Christmas here today allowing the kids to actually play with their gifts. In the past we did the 25th here and we were on the road by 10am. Her big thing is not to be driving all around Christmas day so this plan hopefully was a fair compromise.

Happy Holidays!


billy v said...

better than 4 christmases with vince vaughn and reese witherspoon. Vaughn had some laughable moments but the movie wasn't really that good.

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with tying in HOOTERS with Christmas

me said...

billy, I didn't mind the movie.. wasn't great by any means, but I did find myself cracking up quite a few times.

The MAN Fan Club said...

No Hooters. Did see Benjamin Buttons movie and it was pretty good.