Friday, December 26, 2008

Made It

Drove up to St. Louis on Tuesday the 23rd. Only got about 30 minutes from home before we had to pull over for a while due to icy conditions. The temp teetered between 32 and 35 all the way and the 9 1/2 hour trip took 11 hours. It was rainy and misty the whole way. We were able to meet up briefly with friends who were traveling the opposite direction. We were 7 hour into our trip and they were about 2 hours.

The roughest stretch was after meeting them we still had about 3 hours as we cut across Lake Ozark. First I saw a deer dart across the road and wondered if more were coming. I caught the shoulder one time and without our stability track steering we may have hit the ditch. The worse ordeal was seeing that a deer had been pulverized and while doing 65mph I came upon the rest of the carcass and had to hold the line with the pavement being wet. I ran over it and felt like I ran over a 50 pound dog. I checked the front end a bit later at a gas station and didn't see any damage. I told my daughter there was a deer head under the car. Only $19 to fill up.

Earlier in the day there was a traffic fatality and a 12 car/truck pile up on the last highway we were on. We did pray to make it safely when we left. Thanks God!

Did the 3 Christmases. May do the zoo today. Cards tomorrow night. Football watching and a Blues hockey game Sunday. Funny Bone comedy club Tuesday. New Years something Wednesday and probably drive home New Years Day.

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Justin said...

Wow! God bless you and your family. I'm glad you made it.