Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Up $700

Not having to spend money is about as good of news as receiving money. A few weeks ago while I was detailing a car I saw my son standing in the front seat shoving coins in this 2006 Honda Civic's CD player. When I opened the door I saw one penny hanging out and I successfully removed it. I decided to finish cleaning the car before I would check to see if the CD player worked. Well, it didn't work and I wasn't able to see inside the unit to look for other coins. I drove it by the local Honda dealer before returning the car to it's owner and they said there was no way they could tell. When I dropped the car off to the owner I explained what happened and said I would pay for any damage or for a replacement CD.

A few weeks had gone by and I guess no news is good news. Today while attending a teacher inservice I ran into Coach C and she informed me that she took it in and kind of played dumb as to why it wasn't working. The Honda dealer ordered a new CD player and had to remove a portion of the dash in the process. They told Coach C that there was 8 cents in the unit and that it was the reason it wasn't working. She kind of said she wondered if someone had put coins in the unit. They told her since it was brand new they would just cover it under warranty. WHEW!

I was thinking it might cost between $300-$500 dollars, but they told her it would have been more than $700.

I'm telling you, my 2 year old has cost us so much more money than my 5 year old: 2 trips to emergency room, he's broke the blinds in his room, he vomitted on an old car seat while traveling thru Oklahoma Sunday so we bought a new carseat, etc.

Luck was on my side this time. I guess I'll give Coach C a few FREE details since she played her cards in my favor.

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