Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's HOT

It is kind of pathetic when the news meteorologists have to create new ways to draw the viewers in by leading them to think it is either going to A) RAIN or B) get cooler. All week they have shown a chance of rain for Saturday along with a cool front blowing thru the area. "Is there rain in the forecast? Stay tuned!" The viewing area that they've included expanded by 200 miles to include a trace of rain near San Antonio and I live near Dallas. Our cold front that blew in today dropped the temps to 99 degrees.

We finally called the solar screen guy and had him come out and give us an estimate of what it would cost to cover our back 23 windows.....$525. We would probably recoup that money in the short run and another positive would be that our bedroom would stay a little darker. Should consider putting one on my daughter's room since she wakes up at 7am regardless of what time she goes to bed.

It was hot across the nation so heat in Texas probably isn't getting anyone's sympathy vote. Although I was a little jealous this morning when my dad say it was in the low 60's just outside of St. Louis this morning. I do wonder during July and August why I moved to Texas. BillyV can you answer me???????

Off to a pool to beat the heat!

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