Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Fireworks are a big thing this time of year. In our area a person can buy the fireworks, but not shoot them off in our county due to a severe drought and ban on fireworks. As we drove up thru Oklahoma and into Missouri you realize how many dollars are spent on flashing and exploding pyro devices. There are roadside stands everywhere.

This time of year is my brother's favorite. He'll spend as much as $500 on fireworks and usually has a large group of Missouri rednecks come out to his property to camp and watch for FREE!

Monday night we watched a firework display in Smalltown Missouri that was put on by the optimist club. Why are they called "optimists?" The fireworks actually went on for about 30 minutes and is probably the best up close display that anyone could hope to witness.

Now last night my wife and I drove thru the sporadic, drizzling rain, and went downtown St. Louis to a park called Kiener Plaza. From there you could see the old courthouse between the legs of the St. Louis Arch which is the backdrop for the Veiled Prophet fireworks show. Downtown St. Louis was a near madhouse as we drove in about 9pm to find a place to park and watch. We dediced to give up on finding a FREE parking spot and found a parking lot for $5. We walked about 8 blocks and the fireworks show started as we were about 3 blocks away from Keiner Plaza. The show started at 9:30. I thought it was at 9:45. OOPS. Bottom line is it was a top notch fireworks show with the Arch and courthouse as the ultimate back drop to the fireworks.

My wife brought up the fact that my overall enjoyment of the trip can ride on how easily I can "get away" from the crowds. I always try to find an escape route. I found a parking spot that wouldn't trap me in. It was on a busy street that allowed us to get away from ground zero. I also had access to 2 major highways. It did take a little bit of time to get away, but I never felt trapped.

Only downfall of the trip was the occasional smell of urine as we passed the downtown skyscrapers. The little bit of rain and high humidity didn't help that situation at all.

What did you do for the 4th?

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