Monday, July 10, 2006

Top 5 Float Trip

We went canoeing Saturday on a spring fed river in central Missouri and the following is a top 5.

Top 5 Things I Observed About The Float Trip

5. It is mainly a white person activity. 98% whites, 1% black, 1% dogs.
4. At 40 I used lots of sunblock, in my 20's I put my shirt back on when someone finally said, "you're looking red."
3. There's always one person in each group who likes to splash or tip canoes.
2. Compared to many out on the river I'm in pretty good shape........comparitively.
1. If finances and sex are the 2 most stressing factors on a relationship, then being in a canoe with your spouse has to be a close 3rd.

We made it home last night about 9:45pm. We took a 45 minute break 2 hours from home when my son decided to erupt like a volcano all over himself and his carseat. No wonder he got quiet for about 30 minutes right before he erupted.

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