Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chocolate Bar

I'm not talking about a candy bar, but in case you wanted to know my favorite candy bar would be either the Heath toffee bar or it's close cousing the Skor bar. Last Thursday night my wife and I stayed at The Park Avenue Bed n Breakfast in the historic Lafayette Square in downtown St. Louis. Down the street a short stroll was a Chocolate "Bar". My wife and I ventured in to see red velvety decor with dark stained wood. We stood near the bar and checked out the menu. This was a place that specialized in chocolate items: beer, martinis, shakes, truffles, and other desserts. They also had a limited choice in mini-pizzas and breads.

We finally decided that we would order the fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream drizzled with a caramel sauce. It was one of the cheapest items on the menu that had desserts ranging from $5-$11. It was wonderful and was perfect for us to split since we had dinner at one of our favorite dating places, Seamus McDaniels.

If you get a chance while you are in St. Louis go and check out Lafayette Square. It was built in the late 1800's for the rich and was nearly devastated in the 1890's by a massive tornado. It took years to rebuild and then suffered a major slump in the 1920's when it became a boarding house area. A small percentage of the houses have been leveled and the neighborhood has been rejuvenating for the past 20 years. A few new homes have been built, but they have been built to match the era.

You do have to be cautious as you visit this area near Jefferson and Hwy 44 because it is a few blocks away from what I grew up calling, "The Projects", otherwise known as section 8 housing. In the early 80's there were about 4 highrise, low income housing that turned into the slums. That was all leveled and the neighborhood has actually been built back up with townhouses and apartments.

Today is get away day and we will be traveling from St. Louis back to Texas! Pray for our safety.

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