Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pizza Party

Had our sons birthday party at Durkins Pizza this morning. Had 9 kids total and arrived at 10am. Mr. Durkin had an area set up for making pizzas with the kids. He also gave them a tour of the kitchen. He really did a great job entertaining the kids AND adults from 10-11. He didn't bake any of the disaster pizzas that the kids made so we ordered 2 medium cheese pizzas, 2 XL pizzas, 2 cheese breads and drinks for kids and adults.

My wife made a cake that looked like a pizza. I wonder if Duff from Ace of Cakes would be proud. It looked awesome. After the cake and presents it was really time to head out. We hadn't discussed price so when it came time to settle up he only charged me for the food. The total bill was $48. I handed him $100 and he looked at me like I was weird. I told him $100 probably wasn't enough considering he got there early, wasted some product making practice pizzas and used up an hour of his time. If we had a party at a "party" place we'd easily been charged a couple hundred dollars PLUS all the food and so on. He took the cash and said he would tip the kitchen help.

What a deal. 2 hours of time, food included, very little clean up. I am so glad we came up with this idea.


KauaiMark said...

"...he would tip the kitchen help"

And you made the kitchen help happy!

The MAN Fan Club said...


He doesn't let us tip. IF we do give extra he passes it along to his up and coming culinary students/chefs.


MommyProf said...

That was smart!

Anonymous said...

Tracey and I took the kids there for dinner one night about a month ago. They need to EXPAND! The food there is AWESOME and very reasonable. The ONLY complaint I had about the place was it was EXTREMELY LOUD in there and it was hard to cary on a conversation.

It is not easy for us to get to so driving from my house I am not sure if or when we will be back. BUT if we happen to be in the area we DEFINATELY will drop by.

Maybe someone could bring a couple of those pizza's to the next POKER gathering.


MommyProf said...

Hellooooooo...echo...echo...anyone there?