Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peter Piper Pizza

Took my 2 kids and one of their friends to Peter Piper Pizza today. Got that coupon in the mail you know. $10 in free tokens with a large 1 topping pizza purchase. Guess how much I ended up spending WITH receiving the tokens and I didn't buy any more?

A. $11.99
B. $18.00
C. $26.50
D. $35.00

I ordered the large pizza and asked for 1/2 cheese 1/2 pepperoni. I don't know why I paid an extra 60 cents for getting pepperoni only on 1/2. Maybe it had to do with the way she rang it up. I then ordered the buffet for me and drinks for each of us. The total out of pocket was C. $26.50. 3 small kids drinks cost $5 with tax. That is pathetic.

While we waited for the pizza I let the kids scout out the games. They ended up finding 6 tokens and about 10 tickets. I was finished eating by the time the kid's pizza came out.

The kids had fun. For the $11 worth of tokens they ended up getting: 1-2 foot long pixie stick, a small package of stickers, a few tiny erasers and a squish ball with 3 foam rockets.

Pizza wasn't bad. I won't go back for a LONG time. The kids had a great time and like BillyV posted on his blog I tried not to sour the occasion for the kids. In my mind the value wasn't worth what I spent. For the kids, they loved it. I really didn't get much fight about leaving when it they ran out of tokens. Only my son asked me for more tokens. NO!

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Justin said...

I gotta agree with you, mostly. It was an upgrade from all the times we go to another certain pizza party place endorsed by a large, bucked toothed, baseball cap wearing mouse.

On the upside there were no discarded diapers in the play area. On the downside was the $$$.