Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy B-Day BillyV

I've known BillyV for over 30 years. Our friendship is the longest standing friendship that I have and even when he lived in Texas and I in Missouri we stayed in touch. We did live in Texas together for a few years and now he's back in Missouri as I'm stuck in Texas.

I miss his friendship and hope to see him a lot this summer as I visit the St. Louis area for about 30 days.

Hope you have a great birthday and I hope you survived the Missouri storms that hit Wednesday night according to my dad.


billy v said...

Thanks, MAN. When are you coming up? We are at super summer and we all had to go to the auditorium while the tornadoes were near by.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Will be there by 6/21. Maybe by the 19th. The boy has a tee ball party on the 20th right before a RoughRiders game. Not sure I want to wait for that and end up spending $60+ on the game as well.